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Dr. Mahmoud Riad, Egyptian Milling Association, Secretary-General, and The Egyptian Milling Magazine Editor in chief.

Egyptian Milling Association was established in 1996 to serve the Milling Industry and the Millers in Egypt by upgrading the scientific and practical capabilities of the Millers by training. Conducting workshops, seminars, and conferences. Participating in exhibitions that display modern equipment of the grain milling industry. Introducing practical consultations from our consultants and experts to the other field parties. participating in solving the problems of the Milling Industry. Releasing scientific issues of the Milling Magazine, Besides, the Egyptian Milling Association provides the members with an initiative for useful social activities.

Egyptian Milling Magazine "The Miller's Guide" is a magazine published by the Egyptian Milling Association every four months and distributed free of charge to provide expertise and advice for workers of the Grain Milling & Baking Sectors and pasta manufacturing to spread scientific culture as well as the definition of the latest techniques in the field of milling and baking industries, as well as the technology of the grain industries.

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Name: Dr. Mahmoud Riad
Position: Egyptian Milling Association Secretary-General
Egyptian Milling Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Milling Industry consultant
Mobile & What's app. +201559930124
E-mail: mah.riad@yahoo.com